AcuEssence logoIf you can’t take medication? If you have tried other remedies that haven’t worked for you? Are you unsure what’s happening in your body? Do you want to minimise your time off work? Do you often feel unwell? Then try acupuncture.

Your body has an incredible capacity to fight infection, repair injuries, knit broken bones, heal ulcers, kill cancer cells and retard ageing. Acupuncture supports your body’s natural healing mechanisms, this ultimately leaves you stronger as a result.

Traditional acupuncture aims to maintain your body’s homeostasis. It is a therapy designed to help restore equilibrium and prevent further imbalance. It’s a treatment based on the unique nature of each individual, which has stood the test of time.

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Acupuncture treatswhy don't more people do this

Acupuncture affects the whole person so it can be effective for a wide range of conditions. Details of research are available on the British Acupuncture Council website. To find out how we can help you, please get in contact for more information.

For example if your muscles are so tight that it’s excruciating to be touched, with acupuncture, points can be used that are located away from the painful area. This means that acupuncture can help release the tightness without causing more pain in the area that hurts. Treatment once the pain has subsided can help lessen the possibility of future recurrence.

How many treatments will I need and how often?
This varies for each individual case as it depends on the person and nature of the ailment being treated. You should notice some improvement by 4 treatments. Frequency and number of treatments will be discussed at the initial consultation.

What should I wear?
Acupuncture may require the removal of clothing depending on the necessary treatment. Towels are available to preserve modesty and warmth.

During treatment

Depending on the treatment required, loose fitting comfortable clothes will not need to be removed. Some people are concerned about needles especially with regards to pain. During treatment you may experience a dull, aching, pressure or tingly sensation that some people find pleasant. Some people even fall asleep whilst I’m placing the needles.

Fine, sterile, disposable needles are softly inserted at certain points in the body, to regulate the flow of energy and maintain harmony. I have a very gentle style and only use the best quality, single use needles.moxaGold

Other therapies at no extra cost may include moxibustion, cupping, auricular, gua sha, massage, herbal plasters and electro-acupuncture which may also be used as appropriate. Acupressure is possible if needles are not tolerated.cupping


After treatment

Sunset above the clouds

You can expect to feel calm. Some people feel exceptionally relaxed after treatment. Individuals’ experiences vary; for some people improvements are evident immediately after treatment whilst for other the effects are more subtle.