AcuEssence logoForget the ‘stages of grief.’ Disregard ‘time heals all things.’

Your relationship to someone close to you was unique, so your bereavement and grief will be unique. It may not fade with time when the bonds that bound you were strong, and you don’t want to let go.

Autumn ForestDo you feel sad – no, make that devastated – after the loss of someone close to you? Does it hurt as if your heart has been ripped out and you are being engulfed by quicksand whilst no one is available? Is there no end in sight?

Do you want more for your future?

It is possible to cope with your emotions, have clarity of perspective, to open, feel safe and engage in the world again.

If you want to find relationships that matter and live in a way that really means something to you. Bereavement is an opportunity for profound exploration. Ignoring the pain or struggling by yourself are not your only options. In the long run it will be less onerous to take simple small steps that bring you to a strong and stable position. I can support and guide you when you are ready.

spa candles in heart shapeIt helps to realise your love for the person may feel linked with pain, but releasing the pain does not mean you lose them too.

Be aware that one of the best things you can do is not to isolate yourself. Find people who can be there for you and really hear and acknowledge what you need to express.

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