The biggest misconception about loss

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Transcript for “The biggest misconception about loss”

When someone that means the world to you is no longer in your world, the vacancy can cause a mix of emotions and searing pain.

It’s possible to accept that they are gone but yet think about them daily and want them back. The loss and pain become entangled, synonymous, linked by association.

People don’t want to let go of their loved one which is completely understandable.
But through the association of love lost and pain, they also don’t relieve themselves of the unnecessary suffering. They don’t want to forget so they don’t deal with the pain.

Dealing with the hurt doesn’t make you lose your loved one.
This is the biggest misconception about loss I see in my clinic.

Pain does not equate your love lost.
Pain does not keep your link to them alive.
Pain detracts from your past relationship, it tinges and brings a tainted perspective.
The completion of the pain of the loss is not a forgetting.
It will not make you forget your love and life together.

I know it is possible to shift, to feel freer, to remember them fondly with out it biting, recall the difficulty times without vilifying them. People are not perfect, dying does not make them so. Celebrate the essence of the relationship. The pain can abate and you don’t forget your love, they still hold a treasured place in your heart.
Does that sound better to you than feeling eternally broken?

This video has focused on the loss of a person but I’ve worked with countless other losses like multiple failed IVF cycles or a friend on the eve of her wedding who was overwhelmed with the pending loss of her lifestyle.

Thank you for your interest in my insights. I’d appreciate your comments below for feedback. The next video will be about a clients story from devastation to hope. The last video is about: the worst thing you can do through a bereavement.

If any of this resonates with you and you are ready to love life again, email my clinic now to book in for an initial consultation then I can determine how best to give you the support and strategies you need.