From devastation to hope

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Transcript for “From devastation to hope.”

I want to share this case study with you because it illustrates how much people can cope with despite being overwhelmed.

I want to tell you about when Chloe was in her late 40s. She had a beautiful fifteen year old daughter to raise but the love of her life had just died and in despair she felt she had lost a part of herself. Chloe’s income had been supplementary to her husbands and now it was not enough to support them both and fend off the creditors. Additionally a dispute with her husbands work meant she faced the impending threat of losing their home – which was too terrible to contemplate. “Every day I worried that I would find the house boarded up and my things on the street.”

Just before the first snow of Christmas fell a numbness in her foot became persistent. Insistence from several people encouraged her to seek the advice of a neurologist. During her assessment, they discovered a tumour in her kidney which had grown to a size that was putting pressure on her spinal cord. Luckily it was encapsulated which meant no metastasis and less risk during an operation. When other people were setting and breaking their new years resolutions, Chloe was convalescing after the removal of a kidney.

Really for Chloe doing nothing was not an option but the compounding loses were overwhelming so grieving was secondary if it took any precedence at all. “There was so much to process. Decent sleep had long left her.”

In my experience life does not need to be this complicated for people to feel overwhelmed by a loss. “To feel the burden of loneliness and emptiness, if you feel there is no one you can talk to and trust.”

That’s where I come in. “When her future had been ripped from her, what she needed most was someone to listen and administer well being. To help navigate through the madness when she was least able.” I was honoured to be her practitioner “to give her belief that she could see it through, that there was an end. She learnt another way of being.”

Fast forward ten years and she is happier and healthier. In fact I have an email sitting in my inbox from her at the moment, glowing with her ‘best news ever’.
She rose from utter devastation to hope.

If there’s hope for other people there can be hope for you.

Thank you for your interest in my insights. I’d appreciate your comments for feedback.
The next video is about… the worst thing you can do through a bereavement.

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