AcuEssence logoThere are so many reasons why people fail to fall pregnant when they want to. You can do a lot of fertility research to understand more about what’s necessary and possible. But what specifically do you need, to get the result you seek?

Couple holding baby shoesI encourage couples to get their fertility checked by their doctors and I also want to ensure they have knowledge about timing to their cycle. But if couples have tests that fall within a normal range and there’s no obvious reason why pregnancy is elusive then I’m intrigued. I love working with people with ‘unexplained fertility’. My training rests on a medical model where it’s possible to find the cause behind the cause that isn’t revealed by physical tests.

One of my fertility cases in particular stands out where a couple had been through 4 unsuccessful cycles of IVF so by their 5th round, they were willing to try acupuncture too. They fell pregnant and it was a comparatively easy pregnancy, from their point of view. I was so thankful that the lady continued treatment throughout her pregnancy because at times I could see indications that she could lose the baby although she was blissfully unaware of this.  At these times, the acupuncture support she received enabled her to carry the baby to term and have a peaceful, beautiful girl.

Baby without shoesWhether you want to go down a natural route or choose to use assisted fertility such as IUI, ICSI or IVF, I can support you. I’ve done specialist training in this area and worked with a range of fertility patients with varying circumstances in House of Fertility and Healing, Sydney;  Blue Sky Clinic, Canberra,  and AcuEssence, UK.

If you want to make some tiny feet to fill some tiny shoes, email hi@acuessence.com.au