Grief Acceptance

AcuEssence logoGrief recoveryWhen your world is shaken by loss, bereavement or grief, cracks can appear which feel as though your stability is undermined. I can help you to find how those cracks can let the light in to promote healing and growth.

The journey and process of grief can end. Grief doesn’t have to go on indefinitely. It is possible for the pain to resolve and hearts to mend.

There’s no prescribed way that you should be feeling.

It’s natural for people to fear the unknown but bereavement can force it upon you and your lifestyle is lost when you aren’t ready for it. You may not feel like you can cope with the change loss brings, you may feel numb and shocked or not know how to let go and move forward.

Grief Acceptance Protocol is a powerful and dynamic program that works for any kind of significant emotional loss whether it be a relationship break-up, a bereavement, recurrent miscarriages, a traumatic situation, a sudden loss or one that happened long ago.

  • Do you have feelings that you can’t let go of?
  • Have you had a series of accidents?
  • A string of unsuccessful relationships?Autumn, winter, spring, summer trees
  • Do you feel out of the moment?
  • Feel like it’s difficult to trust?
  • Are you exhausted all the time?
  • Want to protect yourself by not loving again?
  • Do you hide your true feelings for fear of being judged?

You don’t have to go through it by yourself. I can take people where they don’t want to go alone and bring them through the process. If you seek help, hope is not lost, find it here.


* Are you sad and lonely after the loss of someone close to you?

Engage in life again, find relationships that matter and live in a way that is meaningful to you. Get your passion back.

I want more from life


* Is your eating and sleeping disrupted after a relationship breakup?

You can be healthier, revitalised and wake up refreshed. Feel free to let go of the past and make space in your life for new experiences.

I want to be healthy and happy


* Have you lost hope of ever becoming pregnant?

If you feel stuck, consumed and despondent, it is possible to get things moving whilst feeling stable and reassured.

I want to realise my potential


AcuEssence provides a safe space to help you find your self and your joy in life again after being overwhelmed by grief. Email if this sounds like what you need