Herbal Medicine

AcuEssence logoFor over 2000 years in the Orient, herbal medicine has been administered and refined.

The best quality herbs are used which do not include any endangered species or products. Natural, heavy metal and drug-free botanical medicines are purchased from good quality authenticated sources.

Practised with integrity, herbal medicine is safe and effective. Adverse reactions are rare and in most cases cause no side effects. They are carefully considered for their therapeutic effects, contraindications and drug interactions. Allergic reactions are rare and are managed with close monitoring and low initial doses if considered high risk.

dewwDuring consultations

Diagnosis is reached by asking you a combination of questions, palpation, pulse-taking and tongue examination. Acupuncture complements Oriental herbal medicine and can be used in the same consultation.

After consultations

Herbal medicine will then be given or sent to you to be taken as instructed. Remedies may be in the form of pills, tinctures or granules that are added to boiling water. For skin conditions a cream, ointment or lotion may be used. The speed of recovery increases with the daily attention provided by herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine - Cup of tea

How can I prepare for treatment?

Your tongue reveals valuable information as part of the diagnostic process so avoid changing its colour and coating before a consultation.

It is important that you bring the name and dosage of any prescribed or over the counter medication, supplements or natural remedies that you are currently taking.

Should I tell my doctor I am having treatment?

If you are currently receiving treatment from your doctor, it is advisable to tell him or her about your plans. You should always tell us about any medication you are taking as this may affect your response to the treatment. Also please bring your doctor’s contact details.