Inner space techniques (AcuEssence logoIST) is a style of somatic psychotherapy based on a meditative state. Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a tool to help people get in touch with their depths and gain new perspectives. IST draws on this ancient tradition to provide deep emotional and energetic healing in a modern world. See your life with clarity, release the roots of emotional blockages, and leave behind dysfunctional patterns and beliefs. It’s a technique that empowers you to feel stronger and lighter, bringing the freedom you seek.

Practitioners of IST know the techniques and process deeply, having many years of experience meditating and using the method with others and in their own personal development process. They are experienced with facilitating transpersonal experiences that are commonly gained through states of meditation, energetic healing, and dealing with psychological issues such as low self esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and so forth. During an IST process you will learn methods to actively engage in your own process of transformation and this gives you long term skills that helps you navigate life’s changing landscape.

cedric-laberinto_chartresA labyrinth is evocative of the inner world and the journey to enlightenment. It alludes to the wisdom within, taking you inwards, forwards and at tangents to the centre to help you find your way. It conveys the power of going from surface to depth, from external realities to the inner core, and the treasures that lie at the heart of a process of personal transformation. IST integrates psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of human nature.

IST was developed by Samuel Sagan, M.D. during the 1980s. Using the internalising power of meditation and the felt sense of the body, IST provides tools to help you walk your own inner labyrinth. If you are looking to resolve traumatic issues, get in touch with strengths and find life direction, these will flow more naturally from tapping into your source. IST brings major releases of latent emotional charges, and profound realisations – for many clients, a new start.

IST taps into:

  • resolution of psychological issues
  • breaks recurring patterns and conditional behaviour
  • transpersonal experiences
  • energetic healing
  • clearing of negative energies

Under normal circumstances, the human system has efficient protection mechanisms against foreign energies or entities. Through shock, traumas, bereavement, major illness, general anaesthetics, or childbirth, there can be a breach in the system and new complications may appear. When such a situation occurs, a clearing might be necessary.

How can I prepare for treatment?

To optimise the effect of a treatment it is inadvisable to eat a heavy meal beforehand. This is so that the body’s resources are not otherwise engaged with digestion.

Don’t consume intoxicants for 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Please make a note of the name and dosage of any prescribed or over the counter medication, supplements or natural remedies that you are currently taking and bring these details to your appointment.

What should I wear?Spiritual beings coming to a child skipping
IST consultations are performed fully clothed so just dress comfortably.