logo2moss100x33Dr Sylvie Perera (OMD)

sylvie pereraOriental Medicine Doctor, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, IST practitioner, Grief Recovery Specialist training, BSc Acupuncture, Acupuncture Internship: Hangzhou Hospital of TCM, China, PGDip Oriental Herbal Medicine, BSc Psychology, MSc Ergonomics, Lic.Ac, Lic.O.H.M., Registered with AHPRA and Member of ATMS and IICT

When your body can not find the way to heal itself, and requires some assistance, that’s where I come in as a practitioner.

During every session I stay in the room with you, making sure you have my complete focus. Like the weather, we are different each day so I continually monitor your energy and enhance the treatment as required.

My approach is not prescriptive but gentle yet powerful. Over the years I’ve developed the insight to see subtle aetiology of complaints. I love my work and offer a different perspective due to my interests in psychology, yoga and meditation, which have enhanced my own self discovery and empathy. You might not find me on social media, instead I prefer to spend my time working with people and enjoying life.

Whilst in the UK I maintained a Harley Street practice for many years and volunteered at the Nightingale Community Hospice Trust treating people who’s lives had been touched by cancer. Since October 2015 I’ve also been locuming for the House of Fertility and Healing in Newtown.

I have been traditionally trained in the UK and China – acupuncture took over 3 years full time and herbal medicine took another 2 years study. Since 2001 my training in IST has taken place in UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Since 2006 I’ve had a practice initially in London, UK and now in Sydney, Australia.

Your body has an innate knowledge of how to function optimally. If this is not happening for you, give your body the care and dedication it needs to recover its know-how. Make an appointment now or please feel free to contact me for more info: