Relationship break-up

AcuEssence logoNo one outside the relationship knows what you had together, nor what you meant to each other.

Whether it was your choice or not, if you think it was for the best or not, whatever the circumstances, a relationship that’s ended is a chance to rediscover yourself and what you need.

Are you feeling lonely in a city of millions? Is it hard to accept what went wrong?

When your eating and sleeping are disrupted after a relationship break-up, your body is letting you know something needs attention.

Portrait of a happy woman playing with autumn leaves in forest

Give yourself the space and opportunity to process what’s happened in your last relationship before you move on to your next one. Reach a balanced perspective of who they were and how that affected you. Move towards a greater capacity for opening. Replacing the loss by stumbling into another relationship with another person is a recipe to keep the same patterns going regardless of who is standing by your side.

You can be healthier, grounded, revitalised and focused. Feel free to let go of the past, trust again and make space in your life for new experiences. Take the simple steps necessary to create a different future than your past.

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